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Drinking instead of thinking

Your drinking game for the next event.

Boring party? Not with VE.FLIP!

Imagine the following scenario: You are pre- or after-drinking with your friends or already on a party. You are up to drinking. There is enough alcohol for everyone but something is missing. You already tried out every drinking game and beer pong also gets boring? Then drop everything and finally begin to FLIP!

Alcohol or non-alcohol?

You decide! In principle, whether with or without alcohol doesn't matter - VE.FLIP ensures a joyful evening anyways and is the icebreaker for every party. Just roll out the game board, fill the shot glass and the party can start!
Pre-drinking, festival, silvester or bachelor party - the high-quality vinyl game map resists even the wildest conditions. So no panic if the shot glass drops at a time - the waterproof material can be wiped away easily. The game map is extra resistant and can be rolled up without the fear of permanent deformation. Thanks to the sturdy and functional packaging you can take VE.FLIP with you everywhere you go - perfect for festivals and parties (or just for the next family celebration).

For your own safety: Please don't exaggerate and know your limits when drinking. And really important: don't drink and drive! If the VE.FLIP-fever gripped you that much, better switch to the non-alcoholic version.

Do you also want to flip a round now? Then get in touch with us via our contact form or send us an email to CHEERS!